Barn Door Bypass Hardware - 64" Bronze

Barn door bypass hardware kits provide additional installation flexiblity. By allowing doors to pass by each other, not as much wall space is required when a two door application is desired. The Bronze 48" Bypass Hardware Kit can be ordered by clicking here.



Barn Door 64" Bypass Hardware Kit - Bronze

(2) 48” Tracks
(8) Standoffs
(4) Brackets
(4) J-hooks
(4) End Stops
(4) Anti-jump Disks
(12) Hex Head Lag Bolts
(4) Hex Bolts with Open Nut
(8) Hex bolt with Capped Nut

Price: $289.00

(order code: BDHKIT0510B)

NOTE: Price includes shipping and handling within the continental United States. Typical lead time is 10 days but will vary based on customer orders and destination.

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